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What You Can Do About Not‑So‑Smart Meters

Please visit us at our new website, Maine Coalition To Stop “Smart” Meters

Follow-up to Sept. 17: Call Your Elected Officials to Make Your Voice Heard about the Dangers of Not-So-Smart Meters

Inspired by the World Movement for Democracy International Day of Democracy, exercise your rights to free speech (1st Amend.), to not be subjected to unreasonable search (4th Amend.), and to not be made ill (not in the Constitution but apparently it needs to be) by public entities collaborating with unscrupulous corporations. Learn more

Other parties to call:

Other Actions to Take Now

  1. Locate the not-so-smart meter on your house: close to bedrooms or a place where you spend a lot of time? GET CMP TO REPLACE IT WITH AN ELECTROMECHANICAL METER!
  2. Go online to read media reports of other protests around the country & globe, & find other protest groups

  4. Go online to find out about the specific health problems people are developing as a result of RF saturation

  6. Go online to learn about the data & privacy issues, the hacking potential, & the $$ power companies can make by selling your data

  8. Write a letter (under 200 words) to your local/regional newspaper




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