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Maine Peace Walk Poster

The 2015 Maine Peace Walk will be from Ellsworth, Maine to Portsmouth, NH. The coastal route is fitting because the theme of the walk will be militarization of the seas and the Pentagonís impact on the oceans.

Previous walks have been led by the monks and nuns from the Buddhist Nipponsan Myohoji order. There are usually 15 or 20 long haul walkers who are joined by dozens of local walkers who fall in for their local the section of the walk.

These walks are a colorful and moving procession. Monks and nuns dressed in red and yellow habits keep the time with their drums and castanets. Walkers hold aloft their banners and signs of peace as their message is slowly carried from town to town.

The Southbound walkers will come into Rockland on Tuesday, Oct 13. Their destination will be the First Universalist Church on 345 Broadway. At the church there will be a 6 PM potluck dinner followed by an evening program. The community is invited to attend

Call for Volunteers

When the walk came through this area 2 years ago there were about 20 walkers. There could be as many this time around. To host a gathering of this size requires a community effort, to that end weíre sending out a call for volunteers.

  • JOIN THE WALK - Even if itís only for a short distance. There will be drivers to pick people up at any point so no one will have to walk further than they want to.
  • BRING A DISH TO THE POTLUCK DINNER - a main dish, salad, desert, whatever.... use your imagination, this will be a uncoordinated meal.
  • TAKE A WALKER HOME WITH YOU - come to the dinner and program and take 1 or more walkers home, provide them with a sleeping space for the night and bring them back to the church in the morning for a send off celebration and press conference.
  • HELP SPREAD THE WORD - tell family and friends and hang a flyer or two, if you have time and are able.

For More Information - 691-0322 - Midcoast Peace and Justice

Locally the Walk is supported and sponsored by The Midcoast Peace and Justice Group

Maine Walk for Peace is sponsored by: Maine Veterans for Peace; PeaceWorks; CodePink Maine; Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST); Peace Action Maine; Veterans for Peace Smedley Butler Brigade (Greater Boston); Seacoast Peace Response (Portsmouth); and Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space; the Midcoast Peace and Justice Group (list information)

For full walk route schedule details see http://vfpmaine.org/walk%20for%20peace%202015.html




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