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– Cain to God in Genesis. God replied, “The voice of thy brother's blood cried to me from the ground.”


Terror By Drone

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October 7 - October 29
   Alan Hynd, Am I My Brother's Keeper?

21 Winter Street, Rockland Maine 04841  Hours: Monday - Saturday 9 - 5

One block from the Farnsworth Art Museum

New work shown for the first time, Cain and Able.

These new works by Alan Hynd are inspired by Alan's concern about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and his reaction to the horror of war. The drawings were all completed in 2011.

Ye kill and desire to have and can not obtain; ye fight and war, and yet ye have not. – Alan (quoted from a passage in the Book of James)


Alan's November 6, 2010  Open Letter to President Obama


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Those “who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.” – Seneca


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