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April 9 Anti-War Rally Photo and Video Links
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"Today we are here to express our outrage . . . Brothers and sisters, if they want to declare war, declare war on poverty, declare war on racism . . . If they want to stop and frisk people like they do in our neighborhood, stop and frisk Wall Street . . . Barack Obama you're wrong. We don't want you spending our money on bombs. (Charles Barron, New York City Councilman)

Video of Anti-War Rally/March - New York City-April 9, 2011; Ramsey Clark, Cindy Sheehan . . . and the march from Union Square to Foley Square

        chant "Obama don't lie to me. Wars don't bring democracy."

More Video from the April 9 Rally to End War

7 Photos from Steve

Jonathan Flanders NYC April 9 Anit-War Rally Photo Gallery

The Gothamist - first story

The Gothamist - update      The Gothamist - more photos

Gothamist is getting reports from all over that the anti-war protest currently going on down Broadway is a shockingly large one. Though it is only supposed to go from Union Square down Broadway to Worth Street, we're hearing reports of protesters backing up all the way to Madison Square!

Twitter pictures


April 9 in Maine - Peace and Justice groups, Veterans rally in Bangor against war spending


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