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MOVE TO AMEND Event PosterDavid Cobb - Move to Amend spokesman to appear in Rockland Monday, April 29th at 7:00 PM First Universalist Church - 345 Broadway

Come and hear this dynamic speaker talk about the Move to Amend campaign, an exciting initiative to create democracy by challenging corporate rule.

Followed by discussion and refreshments.

No charge - Open to the public - Midcoast Peace and Justice Group    FMI: 207 691‑0322

The recent U.S. Supreme Courtís ruling in Citizens United v. FEC opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate spending on elections. Cobb, an attorney and organizer for the Move to Amend coalition, will help local residents understand the history behind the recent decision and how they can work to abolish “Corporate Personhood” and reestablish a government of, by, and for the people.

“Corporate Personhood” commonly refers to court-created precedent that gives corporations constitutional rights intended solely for human beings. “Corporate personhood is not an inconsequential legal technicality. The Supreme Court ruled that a corporation was a 'legal person' with 14th Amendment protections before they granted full personhood to African-Americans, immigrants, natives, or women”, states David Cobb, a spokesperson for Move to Amend and an attorney helping to lead the coalition.

“We are inspired by historic social movements that recognized the necessity of altering fundamental power relationships,” said Cobb. “America has progressed through ordinary people joining together?from the Revolutionaries to Abolitionists, Suffragists, Trade Unionists, and Civil Rights activists through to today. Move to Amend is a long-term effort to make the U.S. Constitution more democratic.”

The forum will focus on how Rockland and other communities can join the national amendment campaign against Corporate Personhood.

“We are a diverse coalition with deep roots in communities nationwide.We recognize that amending the Constitution to restore the power of the people over corporations will not be easy, but we know correcting the Supreme Court is imperative to the progress of our nation,” stated Cobb.

Over 281,111 people have signed an online petition supporting a constitutional amendment at www.MoveToAmend.org

David Cobb


David Cobb is National Projects Director of Democracy Unlimited. He is a lawyer and political activist. David has sued corporate polluters, lobbied elected officials, run for political office himself, and has been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. He truly believes we must use ALL the tools in the toolbox to effect the systemic social change we so desperately need. David was born in San Leon, Texas and worked as a laborer before going to college. He graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1993 and maintained a successful private law practice in Houston for several years before devoting himself to full time activism to achieve real democracy in the United States.

In 2002 David ran for Attorney General of Texas, pledging to use the office to revoke the charters of corporations that repeatedly violate health, safety and environmental laws. He did not win the office, but the Green Party of Texas grew dramatically during his campaign from four local chapters to twenty-six. In 2004, he ran for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket and successfully campaigned for the Ohio recount.


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