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November 2 - 11

Maine Walk for Peace   Human Needs, and Veterans' Care

We congratulate the Maine Veterans for Peace and their walk across the state to engage the public about the need to end the war in Afghanistan (now costing us over $8 billion a month), promote social progress, take care of veterans when they come home (suicides are at an all time high among Iraq/Afghan war vets), and discuss the impact on our environment from endless war.   (poster)

Peace Walk Route Maps and Schedules    Why we are walking:  Open letter to Midcoast Peace and Justice from Doug Rawlings, Veterans for Peace, Farmington Maine

The walk was led by Buddhist monk Rev. Gyoway Kato, who is with the Nipponzan Myohoji order that does peace walks all over the world. Last April Rev. Kato led a similar walk through Maine calling for an end to the nuclear arms race.


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