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Friends of Nuestras Raices


  Friends of Nuestras Raices

  Cultural Association - Founded Feb. 2004


November 25, 2010

Dear friend,

Friends of Nuestras Raices (Our Roots) has much to be thankful for and we invite you to celebrate with us.

Please join us on Saturday, December 4 at 6:00 p.m. at Sacred Heart/St. Dominic's Church, 80 Sherman Street, Portland for a benefit event featuring the music of Peruvian artist Sergio Espinoza of the group Inkas Wasi and the Afro-Cuban ensemble Grupo Esperanza. Delicious homemade Peruvian food will be available for purchase, made by our favorite local Peruvian chef Maria Sanchez. The event is co-sponsored by Peace Action Maine, Tengo Voz, El Centro Latino, Art Exchange for Just Peace, Pacha Works and Tu Casa Salvadorean Restaurant. The suggested donation is $10.

As part of an effort to stem the childhood use of drugs and gang participation, Nuestras Raices supports and promotes artistic, cultural and sports activities in Lima, Peru. Youth are introduced to traditional indigenous culture through music and dance. The arts program, begun in 2006 with the help of the Portland, Maine group AEJP (Art Exchange for Just Peace), continues to be an important part of their offerings. This past year FNR sent financial support for a neighborhood “pasacalle” (street festival) for Inti Raymi (Indigenous Peoples' Day) on June 24, as well as for a Mothers Day event where the kids cooked and danced for their mothers. We also sponsored field trips into the countryside where these urban children experienced the magic of the natural world, many for the first time.

Since we formed in 2004 to create awareness and support in the U.S. for our sister group in Peru (Nuestras Raices), we have also been creating cross-cultural community here in Maine. The financial support of friends like you continues to make these programs possible. With our support, Nuestras Raices can continue to offer children a brighter future. If you are unable to attend this event, you can show your support by sending a contribution.

Thank you.

Friends of Nuestras Raices
c/o Stephen Beckett,
7 Brenton St, S.Portland, Maine 04106
Contact: Maria Sanchez Cron
(207) 272-2071   incaroots@yahoo.com
or Nancy Button (207) 273-3767








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