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You can help us by printing posters for upcoming events and posting them in your town in places where people will see them. Thank you.


David Cobb and MOVE TO AMEND

       MOVE TO AMEND Poster

Clean Elections Forum

       PDF Poster for Public Forum to Address Money in Politics

Barbara Lubin, The Middle East Children's Alliance

       Barbara Lubin, The Middle East Children's Alliance, Rockland Event Poster PDF


the Welcome, A Healing Journey for War Beterans and their Families

       the Welcome Event Poster PDF


Kathy Kelly: The Cost of War, the Price of Peace

      Kathy Kelly Tour, Rockland Event Poster PDF


Medea Benjamin on Drone Warfare

      Medea Benjamin on Drone Warfare Event Poster PDF


Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth

      “Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth” Event Poster PDF


A Report Back from Haiti with Ken Jones

      A Report Back from Haiti with Ken Jones Event Poster PDF


Mother Caring for 7 Billion Movie Event Poster PDF

       Original Mother Caring for 7 Billion Movie Event Poster PDF


Occupy Wall Street Declaration Flowsheet Poster PDF

      Occupy Wall Street Declaration Poster PDF    Declaration Poster Link


Midcoast Peace & Justice Call to Local Artists
   Help Bring Our War $ Home Art Event

      Call to Artists poster/handout       What's for Dinner poster





Democracy works if you work for democracy.



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