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committed to positive change through non-violent action


Member Projects

Following are some of the projects we have worked on in the past or are working on now. We welcome inquiries about our projects and about the Midcoast Peace & Justice Group. You can learn how contact us by email or by phone on our contact page.

All of us

   Support for Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Maine
   Support of MOVE TO AMEND
       We have formed WeThePeopleMaine.org which will become a MOVE TO AMEND Partner
   Olive Pierce Photographs - 50 Year Retrospective
   April 9 Rally in NYC Against the Wars at Home and Abroad
   Midcoast Peace & Justice Bring Our War $ Home Effort
   Midcoast supports Maine VFP Walk for Peace

Beedy, Bill, Naomi, and Steve   Beedy@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org   Bill@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org   Naomi@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org   Steve@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   WeThePeopleMaine.org Citizen Initiative Campaign

Aimee   Aimee@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Protect Our Food - March Against Monsanto

Alan   contact Alan by phone

   Open Letter to President Obama    Constitutional Rights
   “Am I My Brother's Keeper” Pen and ink drawings by Alan Hynd

Beedy   beedyparker@gwi.net

   Mother Caring for 7 Billion    Letter to the Editor

Bill   Bill@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Midcoast P&J Website    Volunteer Prison Education Program
   Veterans Day Poems    Midcoast Dancing4Fun

Carmen   Carmen@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Protecting Clean Elections in Maine

Jerry   Jerry@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Maine All Care    Progressive Agenda email series

Jon   joliyoka@gmail.com


Nancy   Nancy@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Potters For Peace    Friends of Nuestras Raices

Peggy   Peggy@MaineNVCNetwork.org

   Open Communication    NonViolent Communication Network

Randall   Randall@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Maine Public Bank    Occupying a New Maine Economy

Steve   Steve@MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org

   Let Cuba Live    Corporations Are Not People
   Learn about Not‑So‑Smart Meters
   Bring Our War $$ Home Radio Ad Campaign
   Mailing Lists   Coordination (other P & J Groups)

Tracy   WhereDoIGoNowMaine@gmail.com

   Where Do I Go Now (Local Teen Homelessness)


Events           Other Groups/Events


Those “who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.” – Seneca


Democracy works if you work for democracy.



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