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How the Midcoast Peace and Justice Lists Work

We target our emails to specific parts of the state (below) so we're not sending people in Portland information about a vigil they'll never attend in Blue Hill and vice versa. If we're sending an email that we believe has statewide interest we send it out via the statewide list.

What we send - Our lists are event driven; we send information on stuff that's happening around the state like vigils, demonstrations, meetings, calls to support specific projects, info about speakers that are being hosted and films that are being shown. Also information about projects and actions on the national level that Mainers would be interested in.

What we don't send - News items, stuff from political parties or candidates, solicitations, photos, graphics, jokes, political ramblings no matter how good, ...or bad.

We try to send everything that comes our way and all the emails people ask us to forward as long as they're roughly within the above guidelines. We have adopted a minimalist approach, believing that less is better as everyone is swamped with incoming these days.

  • M/C P&J North and East List - points north and east of Belfast
  • M/C P&J South and West List - Brunswick to Portland and points South and West
  • M/C P&J Central Maine List - Augusta, Lewiston area
  • M/C P&J Central Midcoast List - Coastal, Bath to Belfast
  • M/C P&J Statewide List - all of the above combined

If you would like to be added to one of our Peace & Justice lists, please send Steveyour email address and the list you would like to be on . Thank you.


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