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Dear Local Art Person & Interested Others,

We’re hoping you might be as excited as we are about an effort to create art that addresses the wars and our need to end them now.

Bring Our War Dollars Home is an organization begun here in Maine about a year ago. Check out their website at www.BringOurWarDollarsHome.org. Under War $$ Art you’ll see some examples of art that has already been created by supporters of this group.

Bring Our War $ HomeWe’d like to host such an art effort here in Rockland, and are hopeful local artists would like to be involved.

The initial event where this art was created was called a Drawathon. A group of artists were invited to come together for a day to create art around the question of what we could do with all the money that would come back to our economy if we ended these wars. At the end of the day there was an art exhibit opening/potluck and program about BOW$H that was open to the public at large.

Since that first event BOW$H has had several more Drawathons, (or Artathons/Creatathons). On Veteran’s Day there was an event in Portland on the Veteran’s Day March route where artists were drawing portraits of veterans and inviting the public to create art. Recently there have been two sessions where artists are working collaboratively to turn some of the art already created into poster art using silk screening techniques.

Can you help us to create an event in the Rockland area? We believe art is a great way to communicate this message. The event itself could be a good vehicle for raising awareness and creating community support for ending these wars.       Handout       What's for Dinner poster

Sponsored by The Midcoast Peace and Justice Group

For more information call - 273-3767 or 691-0322


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