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   The goal of universal, comprehensive and truly affordable healthcare (A.K.A. Single Payer) for Mainers, funded by a person's ability to pay and not a flat fee, is not dead!

   Maine AllCare is a new broad based coalition formed to achieve universal health care at the state level, and I'm proud to say that Maine Healthcare Reform is a member. To stay abreast of the latest, go to MaineAllCare.org.

   Jerry – I highly recommend selecting the "In The News" tab and selecting the links to the YouTube videos of Dr. Hsiao's testimony before the Joint Select Committee on Health Reform of the Maine Legislature. Dr. Hsiao was the chief architect of Taiwan's highly successful single payer system, and has been hired by the state of Vermont to design a single payer system for them.

Read Dr. Philip Caper's comments about the recently enacted Chapter 90, Maine's new health care reform law.

(excerpt) . . . the scope of the new law is very broad, repealing essentially all of the consumer protections (such as guaranteed issue and community rating requirements that have existed for many years in Maine), and abolishing all of the quality assurance, payment reform and health planning mechanisms that have existed for at least the past 8 years. – Philip Caper, MD  June 24, 2011



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