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committed to positive change through non-violent action


Some other Peace & Justice Groups in Maine

Looking at these websites, just a few of the many other Peace & Justice groups in Maine and other similar national groups gives us hope and makes us proud to be one of the many groups working for Peace & Justice in Maine.

   Bring Our War Dollars Home

   CONA  (Damariscotta Newcastle area)

   Global Network Against Weapons
       and Nuclear Power in Space

   Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods

   Maine Peace, Justice and Environmental Network

   Occupy Augusta Maine on Facebook

   Occupy Maine on Facebook

   Peace Action Maine

   Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine

   PeaceWorks Brunswick Maine

   Veterans for Peace William Ladd Chapter #1

   Waterville Area Bridges for Peace & Justice


. . . and in a few other places (from away)

   American Friends Service Committee

   Center for Constitutional Rights

   Code Pink

   Occupy Wall Street

   One Minute for Peace

   Truth Out

   United for Peace & Justice

   Veterans for Peace



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