Midcoast Peace and Justice Group



Midcoast Peace & Justice Group

committed to positive change through non-violent action



  • connections  -  create less isolation between people in our prison system and people not in our prison system

  • education  -  help people learn useful skills and knowledge

   Personal statement:  I'm hoping to make the world a safer and more positive place by helping a few people who are often ignored and may have valid reasons to feel angry about getting a raw deal in life and being treated unfairly . . . by proving, over time, that some people on the "outside" can connect to them and offer to help them in a very simple, old fashioned way, helping them learn something they want to learn . . . for no other purpose, no religious or other program agenda, than simply one human human being helping another human being learn something new and useful.

   I started this program in the 1990s when I was working as a Senior Programmer for the Maine Legislature. Today, I make my living doing database design and reporting work and also, sometimes, game and educational product design.



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Democracy works if you work for democracy.



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