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   There are teens on the street in Knox County. You canít see them, they aren't your usual stigmatized home-less person. They are invisible to your eye, you wouldn't notice them in a crowd, but they are there. They are hungry, tired, scared, and need our support to give them a new chance to be a part of our community. They are the next generation of potential leaders, captains, business owners, and community members for and within our community. They just need our help and another chance to reach their potential.

   Join, support, volunteer your talents and skills for a project that will shake ground under Rockland. The whole state of Maine will feel a shudder and gently awaken our consciousness to a silent situation that needs a voice.

   The intention of this awareness project is to:

  • Gently awaken and bring awareness about teen homelessness through art, music, film, and theatre in downtown Rockland

  • Change the stigma of homelessness and gain a new perspective of why and how homelessness happens

  • Continue to bring together non-profits, social agencies, and businesses that are teen driven to collaborate and communicate more effectively

  • Establish a county-wide support for a new residential/educational farm and working nursery for homeless teens

   Please join us. It will change your life and the life of our community, teens and youth.

Sparking the fire,


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