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Money in Politics:  Democracy's Crisis in Confidence


Clean Election Forum posterThursday, April 25     5 p.m.

  St. Johnís Episcopal Church   200 Main St, Thomaston, ME
    On the corner of Main and Green Streets  Google map: directions to 200 Main Street

As the U.S. Supreme Court continues to dismantle a century of campaign finance laws, Americans are coming together to take back our democracy. Join Maine Citizenís for Clean Elections (MCCE) at their Thomaston stop on the 50 town Money in Politics speaking tour. It's time to stand up for a government of, by, and for the people.

Sponsored by www.mainecleanelections.org and  the Monday Morning Meeting

Come and learn about the Maine Clean Elections Act, by which more than half of our legislators answer only to their constituents and never have to spend any time raising money while in office. Women, young people, democrats, republicans, and non-affiliated candidates have all participated and a great majority win elections. Two supreme court decisions favoring corporate and other big money speech has made it necessary to improve and strengthen MCEA. There are three excellent bills in the present legislature plus a resolution bill to overcome Citizens United v. FEC. This event is to inform Maine voters about protecting their unique Clean Elections way.

BJ McCollister, program director at MCCE, will be in Thomaston for the event. He will have copies of the full report about money in the 2012 Maine elections for distribution. He will also be explaining three bills in the Maine Legislature to amend and strengthen the Maine Clean Elections Act, and also will present the Resolution that will be voted on to send to the US Congress in the effort to enact laws to reverse the bad effects of Citizens United v. FEC.

You will also learn about the “We're Mainers First” Clean Elections Rally in Augusta next Monday, April 29, starting at 10 a.m. in the Hall of Flags (in the State House) in Augusta.

For more information please call Carmen at 354-9556

Read the Maine Citizens for Clean Electtions Report on 2012 Maine Elections


      Clean Elections in Maine     Past Events     Carmen's Clean Elections Speech     Forum Poster     Maine Citizens for Clean Elections



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