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Monday April 29,  10 a.m.  Help Protect Maine's Clean Elections Law
  Hall of Flags, State House, Augusta
    On the corner of State Street and Capitol Street in Augusta.   Google map: directions to Maine State House

Maine's Clean Elections law is something we can all be proud of.

In 1995 a group of organizations and concerned citizens came together with a goal in mind - break the ties between wealthy special interests and our elected leaders. The Maine Citizen Leadership Fund brought together key players such as the Maine AFL-CIO, AARP, Maine Council of Senior Citizens, Maine People’s Alliance, Maine Common Cause, the League of Women Voters, Peace Action Maine and the Dirigo Alliance into a unified effort to pass the first in the nation program for public financing of elections - The Maine Clean Election Act. Hundreds of volunteers from the groups worked to gather signatures to put the MCEA on the ballot. In 1996 Maine voters passed the MCEA by a significant margin.
source – Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE)

Mainers are coming together to demand meaningful reform that elevates the role of voters in our elections and government. Help send a clear message to Augusta to strengthen Clean Elections, enhance disclosure laws, and advance a U.S. Constitutional Amendment on Campaign Finance. – MCCE

Maine’s Clean Election law means that candidates rely on actual voters – not outside interests – to win and hold elected positions. – MCCE

We want everyone in Maine to know that the Governor’s budget threatens Maine's Clean Elections funding.

March 20 news article - Gov. Paul LePage's proposal to zero-fund public financing of state candidates in 2014 drew broad opposition from supporters of Maine's Clean Election law

Please come help us show our support for Clean Elections in Maine and raise our voices to urge Maine legislators to vote to protect Maine Clean Elections funding and to restore necessary funding in the budget for Maine's Clean Elections law.

Ben Chin from Maine People's Alliance says:

Monday isn't just another day in Augusta. This Monday, April 29th, will be one of the most important days of the year to challenge the power of corporations in our government. The Legislature will be hearing from the public on corporate influence in elections and corporate tax loopholes and you have the opportunity to have your voice heard. Come join us and help us make the State House the People’s house . . .

We hope you'll join us at the State House on Monday. You can also help us by printing the event poster and posting it in your town in places where people will see it. Thank you.

Important Clean Election Bills in the 126th Maine State Legislature

An Act To Strengthen the Maine Clean Elections Act     Full Text of the bill     Legislative Info. about Clean Elections Bill

An Act To Increase Transparency in Reporting of Party Committees, Political Action Committees and Ballot Question Committees     Full Text of the bill     Legislative Info. about Disclosure Bill

The U.S. Constitutional Amendment Resolution

Maine Legislature Joint Resolution calling for a U.S. constitutional ammendment overturning the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision    Full Text of the Resolution
    source of the document we have posted here - sent to us by the resolution's sponsor Dick Woodbury

Update - On April 30, 2013, the Maine Legislature passed the resolution for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision. See details

For more information about the rally or clean elections issues, please call Carmen at 354-9556


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