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Information about the Energy, Utilities & Technology Committee Hearing on March 26


The Issue


Central Maine Power (CMP) is on a mission. Its Spanish parent company, Iberdrola  (Iberdrola USA), wants to present Maine as a model for its so-called “smart” meter rollouts in New York State and elsewhere.

To succeed, CMP first has to squash the grassroots resistance sprouting all over Maine as CMP customers develop health problems, worry about being hacked, experience appliance and computer malfunctions, and realize that state governments around the country - including Maine - rolled over for powerful power companies that are raking in federal stimulus dough to pay for the meters (ref. 1).

The new meter on your house emits radiofrequencies (RF) to transmit your usage data to other meters and to repeater devices, bouncing the data around until they reach a collector unit, which bundles the data to relay to CMP. This process saturates the area with CMP's RF emissions.

Resistance to CMP's mission began with a handful of brave, hardy Mainers who have been laboring through the morass of state legal requirements in order to get one question answered: “are ‘smart’ meters endangering our health?”

You are scoffing, “if they weren't safe, the state wouldn't allow CMP to install them.” Wrong! In July the Maine Supreme Court ruled in the grassroots case that the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) hadn't even addressed the human safety of the new meters (ref. 2).

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