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Not‑So‑Smart Meters Issue Paper References

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1. Portland Press Herald on federal stimulus (16 July 2010), http://www.pressherald.com/news/cmp-picks-smart-meter-supplier_2010-07-16.html

2. Maine Supreme Court ruling in Ed Friedman et al. (12 July 2012), http://www.courts.state.me.us/opinions_orders/opinions/2012_documents/12me90fr.pdf

3. "How safe are smart meters?," Down East magazine (Oct. 2011), http://www.downeast.com/magazine/2011/october/how-safe-are-smart-meters

4. American Academy of Environmental Medicine, “Calls for Immediate Caution Regarding Smart Meter Installation” (12 April 2012), http://aaemonline.org/pressadvisoryemf.pdf





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