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Not‑So‑Smart Meters Health & Privacy Issue Talking Points

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  1. I'm calling you today because I'm concerned about the so-called "smart" meters that Central Maine Power has deployed in my area

  3. These not‑so‑smart meters allow the power company to track my every move in my house/workplace, which I see as unreasonable search. I have to pay CMP a special fee of $12 per month in order to retain control over my own data, which is extortion.

  5. These not‑so‑smart meters, repeaters, and collectors BLANKET the area with radio frequency (RF) emissions. That means that everyone in the deployment area is exposed to RF pollution – even those who are paying CMP to keep their original meter.

  7. Can you tell me who regulates RF pollution in the U.S.?

  9. Why aren't the current human-safety standards up‑to‑date with the science about exposure in our wi‑fi-saturated society?

  11. Since CMP installed not-so-smart meters in the neighborhood where I live/work, I have noticed these health effects, appliance/ computer malfunctions, and other effects . . .

  13. I'm concerned because neither CMP, nor the Maine Public Utilities Commission, nor the Maine Office of the Public Advocate seem to be able to ensure my safety.

  15. Are you, as my [senator/representative/select board member], prepared to stand up for me?
    – Until there is more medical consensus and until safe regulations are in place, I want you to propose a ban on “smart” meters to stop our unprecedented involuntary and universal exposure to RF pollution.




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